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Illuminate your home while adding style to the exterior

We put a lot of emphasis on saving energy and comfort. Our state-of-the-art glass options offer superior thermal efficiency and fade reduction and all of our windows come equipped to stand up to the harshest of elements. With increased efficiency you don’t have to sacrifice style. We offer a variety of color, exterior and grille choices that will compliment any home. It’s easy to personalize your windows and doors to achieve a look distinctive to you.

Vertex 3® Technology

When it comes to window solutions, KP is changing the game! Introducing the new Vertex3® SYSTEM, a standard feature now included on all KP window product lines. Vertex3® is derived using three state-of-the-art technologies: Ēvolv Glass Technology, ECTech naturally clean glass, and KP’s Air Sealing Technology. The result, a window that performs higher, insulates more efficiently, and is lower maintenance. Being the only window in the industry to offer three technologies, Vertex3® is positioned to become the benchmark for residential windows.

Vinyl Windows

Greenview PVC windows are made of 100% PVC which makes them energy efficient and low maintenance. Among the advantages of these windows are their insulating properties and their resistance to ultraviolet rays.

2000 Series

The right choice at the right price. Our engineered windows are made with precision, as well as sturdy materials, to ensure that they will last for years to come. Series 2000 windows will add a distinctive touch to your new home or renovation project.

6500 Series

The perfect window series for new and ICF (insulating concrete forms) construction, offering a contemporary look with its low profile sash.

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Q. When should I replace my old windows?

  • Your Energy Bill is Expensive – If your heating and cooling costs are high, it’s likely that you have old windows that are simply not energy efficient.
  • There’s Condensation Inside the Glass (of Double- or Triple-Paned Windows) – If you have double- or triple-paned windows and notice condensation or fog inside the glass, you might need to replace the glass or the entire window.
  • You Have Difficulty Shutting or Opening Your Windows – If you can’t open or close your windows properly, it’s time to get new ones!
  • You Feel Drafts in Your Home – When the corners of the sashes and frames become loose and create gaps that allow air to penetrate the window.

Q. Why should I choose Vinyl?

Vinyl windows are energy efficient. Other benefits include their insulating properties, UV resistance and require little maintenance.                                               

Q. What is “Low-E” glass?

The “e” stands for emissivity. Emissivity is the ability of a material to radiate energy. When heat or light energy—typically from the sun or HVAC system—is absorbed by glass it is either shifted away by air movement or re-radiated by the glass surface. Low-e coatings have been developed to minimize the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that can pass through glass without compromising the amount of visible light that is transmitted.

Q. What is Sol-R Gain 180?

Sol-R® Gain 180 is our standard glass package as it is very well suited to our northern climate. This glass is covered with one layer of Low-E coating and sealed with Argon gas between the panes, for excellent energy efficiency. This glass package provides good insulation performance and maximum solar gain – in other words, this is the best glass option when you would like to capture the sun’s warming rays in the winter. Sol-R® Gain 180 lets winter sun’s heat pass into the home, while blocking 71% of damaging UV rays.

Q. What is Sol-R® shield plus 366?

Sol-R® shield plus 366 delivers the ideal balance of solar control and high visibility. And it provides the highest levels of year-round comfort. It’s also the one glass you can use to be compliant in every USA ENERGY STAR zone – in a double-pane window. Couple it with Low-E 180®, and you’re compliant in the North. Its low SHGC makes it compliant throughout the rest of the USA as well. What’s more, Low-E 366 provides exceptional fading protection as well. It blocks 95% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays (a leading cause of fading), so it will help your furniture, carpets, curtains and wall coverings stay beautiful for years to come.


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